Our Story

Two friends, with two talents, sharing one vision to create a wardrobe collection of everyday pieces, designed and made with integrity at their core.

Having both worked in fashion and witnessed first-hand the impact the industry can have on the planet, aligned with a burning desire to fill a gap in the menswear market, we both felt the time was right to launch a brand that married style with responsible sourcing, creating pieces that will stand the test of time.

We believe in stepping away from the treadmill of fads and trends, creating products that are seasonless and offer the versatility of a modern wardrobe. Whether working from home, going to a meeting at the office, attending a lunch date, or just having a beer with your mates, our clothes are designed to work around you.

We’ve partnered with factories and fabric mills that share our vision and mindset, and help us give you the highest quality and attention to detail.

Our aim is to minimise the impact that clothing has on the environment by producing our collection from deadstock piles (the stuff big manufacturers throw away), recycled materials and organic fabric.

This really is the beginning of a very personal journey for us and small steps are being made with a big vision in mind to make a lasting difference.

Welcome to Cut&Pin

Al & Martin

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Our Process

A less is more philosophy is echoed in all aspects of Cut&Pin and the product we create. We believe in conscious consumption and this sentiment has helped us to create a collection of pieces that transcend trends and gimmicks.

So how do we do this?

It starts with the design process, we consider the shape, details and fabric, to create a collection that can be worn time and time again. We will always look for the most responsible way to make the garment first, sourcing textiles from deadstock fabric, recycled or where we can, naturally sourced organic material. The next process is the right supply partner who share our sensibilities, be that their expertise and knowledge through to their innovative practices and conscious decisions that work towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

Our supply partners are family owned business’s that can make small and exclusive runs which is something we feel strongly passionate about, so we never mass produce.

This is just the start and we are fully committed to make a difference to the fashion industry, the planet and your wardrobe. 

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