Cut&Pin x Mentality

Mantality’s mission is to go beyond stigma. To inspire men to take control of their mindset by training them to live with purpose, peace of mind and resilience so that they become the man they want to be when they look in the mirror. We are creating a movement where men can be vulnerable, address their mental health and take up the challenge to do something about it.

Mantality was founded in 2016 by Stevie Ward after struggling with depression and anxiety due to injury. He wanted to create a platform to share his story and help others.

Stevie Ward, Founder of Mantality

Stevie Ward

Stevie Ward is an ex-professional rugby league player and former captain of the Leeds Rhinos, before recently choosing to step away from the game due to brain injury. Stevie’s career demonstrates the highest of highs in sport, being a two time Grand Final and a challenge cup winner, but also the devastating adversities that come with them; 10 operations and three major concussions all before the age of 27. His story not only shows the boyhood dream but the inspiring grit that it takes to get there and keep cutting through the adversity to maintain your position inside the arena.