Q&A time with Martin...

• Morning Martin, how are you today? Looking forward to a grilling from the team?

Absolutely, take it away!

• Right, let's get down to business. Yorkshire is a good place to start. Tell us a little bit about what the region means to you, and how that comes out in the pieces Cut&Pin creates?

Good question…Yorkshire has it all! from the beautiful surrounding countryside to the hustle and bustle of city life and towns and of course not to mention, the down to earth Yorkshire folk, there’s nowt like a Yorkshire sense of humour! Yorkshire was also and still is in parts famed for its garment manufacturing and producing some of the worlds finest textiles, especially woollen and worsted cloth. I like to to think our collection represents that no- fuss and down to earth attitude that the people of Yorkshire are known for and we also have our wool deadstock overshirt, designed from one of Yorkshires greatest and oldest woollen mills today.

• Do you think being from Yorkshire gives you a greater sense of the importance of sustainability?

I think being from Yorkshire and understanding the quality, heritage and the craftmanship that this region was known for has helped me have a sense of getting back to the roots of using good quality fabrics and yarns that stand the test of time, which I think is the ultimate in sustainability.

• How would you describe the style of the people of Yorkshire?

Ha, quite eclectic! I guess like anywhere everyone has their own individual style but if I was to sum it up I’d say a good mix of pizzazz with some Yorkshire grit!😂

• They sound like a stylish bunch! Who is your pick of the best though? Give us your top three Yorkshire style icons of all time.

Oooo a tough one, first and foremost one of the most famous of Yorkshire icons and an inspiration for Cut&Pin, the great David Hockney, Alan Bennett and I’ve always admired and be in inspired by the ex creative director at Burberry, Christopher Bailey and just one more…the one and only Jane McDonald from my hometown of Wakefield!😂

• Well, you're certainly selling it well to people who aren't from Yorkshire.. got any tips for visitors?

Yep forget your air and graces that doesn’t wash with us Yorkshire folk..keep it real and you’ll be fine!

• Now, let's get to the big question.... What are your favourite pubs?!

So many….The Adelphi in Leeds city centre is great and I love the old Victorian architecture and interior, for out of town drinking, one of the oldest inns in Britain, The Bingley Arms in Barsdey is great for a cosy drink after a country walk.

• Do you ever look to any other places in the UK or around the world for inspiration?

No Yorkshire is everything!!🤣 Yes, I do love London as I used to live there and have enjoyed the museums, fantastic art galleries and the famous Portobello market for great vintage finds.

• Pretend you are very rich (even richer than you actually are!), which Yorkshire building would you live in?

Harewood House, a beautiful place surrounded by the most wonderful countryside and views.

• Have you ever lived away from Yorkshire? Did you miss it?

Yes London and Leicester and loved living in both cities but the pull of Yorkshire was too much to resist and I came back.

• Right, that's enough Yorkshire chat... tell us what Cut&Pin has in store for us over autumn and winter….

We’ve decided for our New A/W to focus just on our recycled cashmere for now... It really compliments the rest of the collection, so you can look forward to some great pieces of essential knitwear that works across all of your looks.


Thanks Martin for a brilliant chat... however we can't let you go just yet. Not without the all-important quick fire question round...Honest answers only please!

◦ Beer or cider?   Beer without a doubt
◦ Staycation or vacation?   After so many staycations recently I am looking forward to getting away, so I would say vacation
◦ Cardigans or sweaters?   I do love a cardi
◦ Sunday lunch or posh dinner?   Both, depends how I am feeling
◦ Camping or hotel?   Hotel
◦ Oasis or Blur?   Oasis, but I do love Damon Albarn
◦ Town or country?   Both
◦ Lake District of Cornwall?    Lake District, so beautiful just wish it didn’t rain so much
◦ London or New York?   London
◦ Yorkshire or Lancashire?   (ok, that was an easy one…) Lancc… Of course Yorkshire!!


A big Thank you to Pete over at Sixteen Eleven for Interviewing our very own Martin Parker Co-Founder & Creative Director.