When a garment becomes cheaper than a cup of coffee

Back in the day when I was starting out in the world of fashion I was lucky enough to go to Paris and attend a talk from the fabulous Lidewij Edelkoort the one and only trend guru who forecast up and coming trends not just in the world of fashion but everything that design touched from cars to the food industry.
The word “ fast fashion” wasn't a thing back then but Edelkoort spoke of the coming of celebrity culture and the impact it will have on fashion brands and the relentless desire to keep up with the cycle of trends that are quite literally spinning out of control.
One thing she said has resonated with me throughout my whole career and that was 'when a garment becomes cheaper than a cup of coffee then we are in big trouble'! And by god she was right!
The machine that is fast fashion has taken a hold of this industry for years now and the overproducing on a grand scale, low-quality items have indeed in some cases become cheaper than a cup of coffee.
We as consumers have to ask ourselves when brands are offering a product at ridiculously low prices, somewhere along the line, someone is losing out big time and it's not the big retailers for sure! Not to mention the amount of landfill these unwanted cheap clothes create when discarded for the next big thing!
This is just one of the reasons Cut & Pin was born, out of a desire to create a brand that has values and respects the people and places our garments are manufactured and create timeless styles that are made to last and work time and time again in your wardrobe, at any season and whatever the trend is!!
A good article to read to demonstrate why we do what we do at Cut&Pin is here:
Martin Parker
Creative Director and Founder