I love Leeds, always have, always will!
Ever since the days of being dragged into the city as a wide eyed youngster around the famous Leeds markets and its department stores by my parents, something about this city struck a chord with me.
It felt exciting, vibrant and scary all at the same time and as a young boy from a small town outside of Leeds it felt to me how many people feel when they visit the country’s capital for the first time, only this was the capital of the North!

As a late teenager and in my early 20’s, Leeds was the place to be as some of the best music from indie to dance was coming out of the North and there was never a better time in the early nineties to be sampling the nightlife that Leeds had to offer. From the iconic Warehouse, Gallery, Ricky’s and the Orbit these club venues were legendary and attracted some of the biggest names in music from the coolest DJ's to the hottest bands of the current day.

I eventually moved south and most of my adult life living in London following my career as a fashion designer, but the pull of Leeds never left me and I always wanted to be back there someday.
So it was after having a family we took the decision to leave the big smoke and return back to my beloved city in 2013 and to this day I still get that same feeling I had when I first went into Leeds as a child, you know the one - that I’m back where I belong feeling!

Leeds has changed drastically over the years but the developed city still has that unique mix of historic architecture, contrasted now with the ultra-modern but with all the hustle and bustle I remember as a kid. Always a place that has been steeped in culture - the arts, museums, student life, the food scene, shopping and of course the music and clubs all make this city even more diverse and exciting as it was in the late eighties and early nineties.

So again for our third collection, it only made sense to shoot this seasons new A/W collection in this great city where Cut&Pin was born.

Shooting on location around Millennium Square and the University of Leeds.

Martin Parker - Co-Founder & Creative Director