Cashmere care

Like a fine wine or a classic car, cashmere when looked after properly gets better with age. So care for your recycled cashmere with these essential care tips.

Due to the nature of cashmere, piling will occur but a gentle comb with a cashmere comb should do it.



We are being told to wash our clothes a lot less and the great benefit of cashmere is that it is moisture wicking, which means it attracts moisture away from the body, so less washing. When you do need to wash your cashmere, do so by hand in a clean bowl filled with lukewarm water and a few drops of cashmere or wool wash.

Mix gently and rinse through with lukewarm water, remove excess water by laying on a towel and gently pressing.

We suggest you air dry flat on clothes hanger and re-shape so the garment does not stretch.

Post drying, iron if needs be with a cool iron and where possible we recommend folding your cashmere  when storing so the garment does not become misshapen.

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