Our Influence

David Hockney, a painter, printmaker, stage designer and photographer and only the most influential artist of the 20th century and did I mention he’s a Yorkshire man to boot! Being born and bred in Yorkshire myself, I have always found Hockney’s work inspiring, the intense and vibrant combination of colours, the bold textures and his experimenting with different mediums have influenced my work from being an art and fashion student back in the day.

Mood boards

Autumn/Winter 2020
 Stills from our AW20 location shoot


Other than his incredible artwork, the other uniqueness to Hockney is his sartorial style, the way he combines  and mis-matches colour together, just like his art, his mop of blonde hair and his iconic thick rimmed, round glasses are all trademark Hockney.

One of his many signature looks, his is love of bold stripes, from garish coloured rugby stripes, to the classic French Breton stripe, I love the way he mixes these classic stripes with a paint splattered chino, or a thrown on, crumpled school boy blazer and a jaunty bow tie. It’s the rugby striped cardi’s and shirts that inspired some of our recycled cashmere and jersey in our debut collection, along with some of the bright coloured sweaters and sweatshirts he wore. The styling of the collection was taken from the effortless way he mixed casual and formal looks, making looking cool with ease and never forced. 

His style is always a little battered, a little bit grubby but ultimately always timeless and always so cool.