Our denim

The iconic denim jean, a classic wardrobe piece that has transcended fashion trends for the last two centuries, these simple twill cotton trousers have adorned the legs of many from Hollywood legends, cowboys, rockstars, fashionistas and denim aficionados the world over.

It only seemed natural for us to take this fashion staple and re-invent it for Cut&Pin, so we’ve created something a little different, from the other regular five-pocket western jeans out there in the market.

We recognised that we wanted to stay true and respect the jeans heritage, so we kept some of the hallmarks that make a jean feel so familiar, the indigo blue colour, the tobacco coloured twin stitching and the metal buttons, are all details that have made this humble piece of clothing, one of the most famous trousers in the history of fashion.

The first consideration was the denim fabric itself and we sourced the finest, from an Italian mill, called Candiani Denim which was founded in 1938 in a tiny town just outside Milan. As a family-run business, this denim mill is one of the most sustainable in the world, boasting some of the greenest and most responsible practices in high-quality Eco denim.

Next, we partnered with a manufacturer based here in England. With expertise in jean production for some of the UK’s most recognised brands, they believe in the value of time, skill and craft in creating one of the simplest items of clothing known to man.

We hope you enjoy our jeans as much as we enjoyed creating them.